Quinoa pesto salad

Recently I had my book club friends coming over for lunch and the weather here being so hot , I wanted to make a nice cold salad which would also be filling . After some surfing I came across this recipe , which I thought was different from many other quinoa recipes I have come […]

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Papad pakodas

This recipe is inspired from a friend’s recipe , which I had come across many years back. I have modified it to my family’s liking and it did turn out to be great for a rainy day hot snack. A bit tedious, I must say , but still worth it. I have used potatoes in […]

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Sweet potato chaat

I have been using a lot of sweet potatoes in my cooking , for it is known to be healthier than potatoes and has a great flavour. Sweet potato chaat is served hot on the streets of north India, in winter and is most delectable. Here I have created my version of this yummy dish […]

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Fruit custard pudding

This is a simple dessert which is not loaded with unnecessary calories from cream or jello. As kids we always had the yummy layered trifle pudding which inspired me to transform it into a much lighter version. The fruit choice is entirely personal and seasonal. Since I had guests over and I wanted the dessert […]

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