Almond flour cake

My quest for healthy cakes , brought me to this recipe which is healthy and light , but I made some alterations to the original recipe . This cake can be had as it is or used as a base for many other dessert recipes. Almond flour is easily available but can also be made […]

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Tomato pesto flat bread

I do not normally use all purpose flour , in my cooking but just this once got tempted to make a flat bread , when a few friends came over , for dinner, last night. Fresh from the oven this bread was a huge hit and I decided to share it on my blog. To […]

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Lotus seeds pudding

Lotus seeds or makhanas , as they are called in Hindi, are a wonderful source of protein and the fact that they are low in calories, puts them in the super food category. Since it’s a festive time here in India this pudding was the ideal dish to make . Typically this is made with […]

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Kiwi and mint cooler

Kiwi is an absolutely delicious fruit which not so sweet. On a summer day this drink is super refreshing and so simple. The recipe makes a glass. Ingredients: 1 large green kiwi 10 cubes of ice A few mint leaves 1/2 cup chilled water Method: Peel and slice the kiwi . Wash the mint leaves. […]

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My passion for food , takes me on this new journey, that of a food blogger . For me food is not only about taste but is an experience and an expression. My travel around different parts of the world and search for vegetarian food has been a rich experience , which I would like […]

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