Buckwheat and oats savoury bread

I came across this very interesting recipe using buckwheat flour and I knew I absolutely had to try it , but with modifications. Buckwheat is now on the superfoods list and is also very versatile. I have used it to make crepes and also various types of breads. Interestingly, it is also used for the […]

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Whole wheat focaccia bread

Focaccia is such a delicious bread but also comes always with a whole lot of guilt because of the plain white flour it is made of. Here I have tried the focaccia with whole wheat flour and believe me , this is equally delicious. It has a nice crumbly texture and is perfect to have […]

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In my family, we all greatly enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine. Being vegetarians this cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes which are all so flavourful and fresh. Muhamara is a dip served with pita bread and I was recently introduced to this lovely dip at a Mediterranean restaurant. Here I present my version of the […]

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Almond flour cake

My quest for healthy cakes , brought me to this recipe which is healthy and light , but I made some alterations to the original recipe . This cake can be had as it is or used as a base for many other dessert recipes. Almond flour is easily available but can also be made […]

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