Bringing this recipe after a long hiatus not because I wasn’t cooking or trying new recipes but was too caught up to pen them down. I hope with this one my journey restarts with much fervour. The classic hummus has become a regular in my house and so , I’ve tried a new variation which is a combination of a few recipes and turned out delicious and was polished off . This goes perfectly well with pita or crackers and was a star on one of my cheese boards.

Ingredients :-

1 cup boiled chickpeas

4 tbsps Tahini

1 cup cilantro

1/2 cup pistachios

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

4-5 pods of garlic

8-10 slices of jalapeño peppers

Salt to taste

1 tsp of black pepper powder

Method :- In a pan dry roast the pistachios till fragrant and allow them to cool. Blend the cilantro, pistachios, jalapeños, pepper , garlic , salt and olive oil to a smooth paste. The creamy pesto is ready. Add this pesto to boiled chickpeas and tahini and blend again to a smooth creamy texture. Garnish with some extra virgin olive oil and a dash of paprika.