Custard with fruits is a very common dessert which is light and easy on calories and a vanilla flavoured custard goes well with all kinds of fruits. The most common variation of custard and fruits is , the trifle pudding. Some time back , I came across this recipe in which egg whites have been incorporated in the custard without baking them into a meringue. These steamed meringues , as I call them , are soft and melt in the mouth making the dessert quite delectable.


2 tbsps vanilla flavoured custard powder

500 ml milk

1/4 th cup sugar

2 egg whites

2 tbsp sugar powder

Fruits as desired


Mix the custard powder with the cold milk in a pan and then put it on medium heat. Stir continuously till a thick creamy consistency is achieved. Add the 1/4th cup of sugar and mix to dissolve. Leave the custard aside and beat the egg whites in a separate dry bowl . Add the sugar powder and beat till stiff peaks are formed. Heat the custard once again and gently add scoops of the egg whites into the custard. Do not add all the egg whites at one go but add them a few at a time, removing them into a separate bowl once they are done. Once all the egg white balls are cooked and kept aside, cool the remaining custard. Once chilled, add the fruits and serve with the egg white balls on top.