Savoury rice cake

Idli is a very famous snack from the south of India but popular across the world. This recipe is another version of idli in a crispy cake form. A wonderful snack to be eaten with a spicy pickle. Ingredients: 3 cups idli batter 2 tsp Zeera 2 tbsp oil In a broad kadhadi or a […]

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Cottage cheese in orange sauce

Cottage cheese or Paneer is so versatile and I can always think of so many ways to make it. Recently I came across this chicken recipe with Chinese flavours and me being a vegetarian decided to try it out with cottage cheese instead of chicken. This turned out very Yummy and I realised that there […]

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Kiwi and mint cooler

Kiwi is an absolutely delicious fruit which not so sweet. On a summer day this drink is super refreshing and so simple. The recipe makes a glass. Ingredients: 1 large green kiwi 10 cubes of ice A few mint leaves 1/2 cup chilled water Method: Peel and slice the kiwi . Wash the mint leaves. […]

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