Pumpkin soup

On a rainy day , nothing else can make me drool more than a piping hot soup . Soups are soul food and also so filling when you are on a diet . In my soups I don’t like to add cream but like to make it rich and creamy naturally and allow the flavour […]

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Whole wheat dinner rolls

The aroma of freshly baked bread is simply divine and when you know that it’s home made and healthy , it’s the icing on the cake. These dinner rolls can just be eaten warm with butter or you can use them to make home made burgers. My favourite is a veggie patty in the burger […]

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Deviled Eggs

This recipe is for all those who love eggs and I’m one of them. Eggs are all day food for me and love their versatility . There are innumerable recipes one can dish out from eggs which can be savoury or sweet. This one tops the list of my favourite recipes of egg. Ingredients: 6 […]

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Traveling around the world is another one of my passions and it goes without saying that food is an integral part of it. Being a vegetarian has its own challenges and here I want to add my stories of my quest for vegetarian food, through my travels. We are here in Seychelles, an exotic country […]



Kebabs are a very predominant section of the North Indian cuisine and can be made with so many variations. For me a soup and any form of kebab is an all time favourite dinner option and I mostly try to minimise the carbs in my recipes. So when I came up with this recipe , […]