Fruit custard pudding

This is a simple dessert which is not loaded with unnecessary calories from cream or jello. As kids we always had the yummy layered trifle pudding which inspired me to transform it into a much lighter version. The fruit choice is entirely personal and seasonal. Since I had guests over and I wanted the dessert in a jiffy , I have used store bought fruit cake though making the sponge cake at home would be ideal. The sugar in the recipe can easily be replaced with any natural sweetener.


1 litre of milk

1/4 th cup custard powder

500gms fruit cake

1cup sugar

2 kiwi fruits

4-6 strawberries


In a heavy bottom pan , bring 3/4 th litre of milk to a boil. To the remaining milk add the custard powder and mix to make a slurry. Now add the slurry to the boiling milk on low heat and stir continuously till the milk thickens . Now add the sugar or sweetener and mix well. Cover it and allow the custard to cool. In a flat serving dish , spread the fruit cake in a thin layer and moisten it with some cold milk . Spread the custard over the cake layer and refrigerate covered , for a couple of hours till it sets well. Peel and slice the fruits and arrange them on top of the custard layer and refrigerate till you serve.

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