There’s such a hype nowadays about quinoa but I haven’t taken to it much . It is believed to have a high protein content so I like incorporating it in my meals once in a while. My family like salads a lot and hence quinoa salad is one thing I like making. Quinoa although is not difficult to handle but just needs a bit of precaution. It needs to be washed well and then cooked to remove the bitter taste. I prefer cooking it in an open pan with a quinoa to water ratio of 1:2. This ensures that that it turns out nice and fluffy. A quarter cup quinoa gives almost a cup of cooked quinoa.


Cooked quinoa 1 cup

Cucumber diced 1 piece

Onion diced 1 piece

Pomegranate 1/4th cup

Cherry tomatoes 10-12

Iceberg lettuce a few shredded leaves

Coriander leaves for garnish

Extra virgin olive oil 2 tbsp




Cool the cooked quinoa and fluff it up with a fork . Mix everything else together and toss gently. Keep refrigerated till ready to serve. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve.

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